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Capo 1

Intro:  A   E   F#m  D  (X2)

This story lying inside my head

He spun gold and straw instead

Cut your hand on the spinning wheel

This shield is getting heavy

A                       E
And worked too much and tried too hard

  F#m           D
To lose, oh to lose

Solo - A  E  F#m  D

Play it safe you say
I cant get through this alone
This cross we carry on our backs
Its just one big balancing act


   A                 E
And do you think I'd try

   F#m       D
To leave without you by my side

  A                   E
Those stone walls too steep

   F#m       D
To keep this baby locked inside


Call it crazy but 

E                               A
This price is just too much for me

Put your white glove in my hand                    F#m
I'm trying to be your man

This is all that I can take

To mend these rules you break

I'll be the floodgate that sets you free, yeah

Solo -  A  E  F#m  D  (X2)

A                       E
And worked too much and tried too hard

   F#m         D
To lose, oh to lose


Repeat intro chords until end, end on A 
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