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Recorded by Ray Price
Written by Harlan Howard

CAPO: 1st Fret  KEY: Bb  PLAY: A
[A] Heartache number one was when you - [D] left me
I [E] never knew that I'd could hurt this [A] way
And heartache number two was when you - [D] come back again
[E] You came back and never meant to [A] stay.

Now, I've got
[A] Heartaches by the number [D] troubles by the score
[E] Every day you love me less each day I love you [A] more
Yes, I've got
[A] Heartaches by the number, a [D] love that I can't win
But the [E] day that I stop counting that's the day my world will [A]

Heartache number three was when you - called me
And said that you was coming back to stay
With hopeful heart I waited for your - knock on the door
I waited but you must have lost your way.

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