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Subject: Song Submission

From: Carl 
Date 6/2/98

"Mitigated Gall"
(Faron Young)

Well, how can you have the mitigated gall-
to come back now-expecting me to fall-
right down on my knees-and kiss your feet-(yeah feet)

least this one day when of all-you can count on me-
to end that call-and clock, you hardly knew it's name-
your mind is deranged

and where did you get-the backbone and grit
to come back now-expecting me to fit-
right back into the plans we once made

and it's now go forever-to return, never, never
I don't want you anymore
So getaway from my door

And let me live-live live
Don't come messing up my life again
How can you have-the courage and the nerve-
to come back now- expecting me to love-
you,after the way that you done me

guess you think that I'm a fool-
but your the one that loosing cool-I don't need you anymore-
so get away from my door 
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