ScanSnap S1300 Review

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						ScanSnap S1300 Printer Review
				Posted on January 17, 2012  by  admin			

			ScanSnap S1300 Printer Review #1

The ScanSnap S1300 is a lightweight yet handy document scanner that
finds multiple uses at home as well as in the office. The spectacular
aspect of ScanSnap S1300 that has made it so popular to use is the
fact that it is so compact and takes up very little space on your desk
or other workspace. When the ScanSnap S1300 is not in use, the scanner
closes down into a small rectangular box that weighs a little more
than three pounds. The ScanSnap S1300 can easily be put in a bag or a
briefcase and carried to work or just about anywhere else, which makes
its portability aspect desirable.
Normally, the ScanSnap S1300 works pretty well for people and
households that do not have too heavy scanning needs. However, the
compact nature and efficient mechanism of the ScanSnap S1300 makes it
a desirable device for the office as well where you might need it
multiple times a day. The software supporting the ScanSnap S1300 is
simple and easy to use as well, compatible with PCs and MACs with
simple instructions.
At any one point in time, the ScanSnap S1300 can scan all sorts of
documents ranging from 2 inch into 2 inches sized ones to legal sized
ones. The ScanSnap S1300 takes in about 10 pages all at once and can
scan about eight double-sided pages (front and back) using its dual
camera action; one that scans the front of the page and the other that
scans the back of the page.
ScanSnap S1300 Printer Review #2

The compact nature of the ScanSnap S1300 is made even more prominent
with the fact that you can use it without plugging in any wall charger
using simply the USB cable that is attached to the laptop or PC. The
USB cable not only transfers the data from ScanSnap S1300 to the PC
but also charges itself using the PC. The ScanSnap S1300 comes with a
wall charger as well that you can use to charge and use the ScanSnap
S1300 if you do not wish for the scanner to take up energy from your
laptop/PC. The ScanSnap S1300 also allows you to transport the
documents you just scanned to Word, Excel, email, a printer or any
other program to export information from your scanned documents into
those programs.
Many people love using the ScanSnap S1300 for business cards
specifically for a purpose that the ScanSnap S1300 software allows you
to transport the information to a program like Cardiris or CardMinder
that exports the contact information and address from the scanned
business cards to programs like Outlook, Entourage etc. Some other
great features of ScanSnap S1300 include automatic color detection,
scanning on a single touch, automatic orientation of the page etc.
Because the ScanSnap S1300 scanner is small so it is meant for small
scanning jobs; it takes in only 10 pages a time and scans only five
business cards at a time. Nevertheless, ScanSnap S1300 is the perfect
device for household use that takes up a small space and does the job

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			ScanSnap S1300 Printer Description
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				ScanSnap S1300 Review


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