"Bad To Di Bone" lyrics by BRICK & LACE 






"Bad To Di Bone" lyrics by BRICK & LACE



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	BRICK & LACE"Bad To Di Bone"


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Is this for real
This can't be real
Are you for real?
I must be dreaming

Is this for real
This can't be real

[Chorus: x2]
Your so bad to the bone
Can't leave you alone
It's like your, inside my dreams
A perfect fantasy

[Verse 1:]
Cause every kiss, every touch
Boy you got me blushin
You blow my mind roll in like a russian
I'm on the double, baby in a rush
Boy you put your spell on me
Cause every minute, everyday
Boy you got me senseless
I put my guard down
Brave my defenses
I'm in a loop boy lost in your love
Boy you know you need me so much

[Chorus: x2]
Your so bad to the bone
Can't leave you alone
It's like your inside my dreams
A perfect fantasy

[Verse 2:]
Come on
Swing it up, back it up
I'll make you tear it up
The way you put it on me,
I gotta give it up
You know what; I'm in luck
I wanna love you up
I wanna let you know
I'll never let you go
Daddy you have the ticket and you getting the ride
Bad to the bone, how you know me no lie
Adamana check but dem gettin declined
That's why me love you long time


[Verse 1]


[Verse 2]


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[Thanks to Anna for these lyrics]

[Thanks to "KaelaGreen mann ;] (iitskaela@lemondrop.com)" for
correcting these lyrics]

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