Garth Brooks The Ultimate Hits [CD, Special Limited Edition, Extra tracks] (2007)

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Garth Brooks Lyrics - I Know One



Garth Brooks Lyrics

I Know One
Written by Jack Clement

When all your loves have ended
When all your friends have flown
Who'll be around to want you
When all your loves have gone

Only a fool would do it
After the way you've done
And how many fools would have you
I know one

This fool keeps wondering why he fell in love at all
But you might need this fool around in case you fall
After the party's over and you've had your fill of fun
If you need a fool to forgive you...I know one

You never know you might be lonely when all your loves have missed
It wouldn't hurt to keep an extra fool on your list
After your heart's been broken and you need a place to run
If you'll take a fool who loves you...I know one...I know one      

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