The Beatles A Hard Day's Night - Released: 10 July 1964 (UK), 26 June 1964 (US)

       A Hard Day's Night I Should Have Known Better If I Fell I'm Happy Just To Dance With You And I Love Her Tell Me Why Can't Buy Me Love Any Time At All I'll Cry Instead Things We Said Today When I Get Home You Can't Do That I'll Be Back
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Day One Lyrics - Ordinary Man



Day One Lyrics

Ordinary Man

there is a woman who lives in this town
that has my heart held in her hand
I see her in the streets every day
but I can't find the words to say
but if I were a writer and could write a good hand
I'd write of this love that I don't understand
the words in my hear they come and they go
I'm thinking I love her but she'll never know
and if I were a sculptor and had a good eye
id carve out her beauty in marble or ice
but these hands of mine are far from refined
guess I'll have to accept that I am just an ordinary man.. 
now if I were good looking and had a pretty face
and if I could walk and speak with grace
and if I had style then I wouldn't have to look down when she walked
and if I were a singer and could sing a good key
I'd sing of this love in melody
but this voice of mine is far from refined
I guess I'll have to accept that I'm just an ordinary man бн
I know one day she'll look I know one day she'll see me
and maybe that one day she'll want to be with me
and maybe she'll love me for who I am just as that ordinary man ...

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