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Ryan Leslie Lyrics

Missin' U

U used to talk to me about him
Now he's missin U
And this is how a girl with a man
Falls in love with a new man

It's a rebound I know
Hopin' that U don't go
Hopin' that U will stay right here
And though U did not plan
To be leavin' your man
Hope that he understands,my dear, my dear
There's a reason U strayed
From the love that y'all made
There's a reason U came to me
So it's time that U told
'Cause it's better he knows
That his woman ain't his no more
And now, he'll be

He gon' be missin' U, missin' U
Missin' U
Missin' U and movin' on
I will be lovin' U, lovin' U
Lovin' U
Lovin' U until you're gone

And I hope it's gon' last
'Cause it happened so fast
Neither one of us knew we fell
When we finally found out
Baby, there was no doubt
Everybody we knew could tell
(They could tell we were in love)
And he wasn't around
Wasn't even in town
So he didn't have no idea
(U were slippin' far away)
Never once did he think
When he gave you that ring
He was gonna lose you
So I know he will be...


And it's crazy to think
U could ever leave someone
Who was lovin' U
Lovin' U ans wastin' time
Thinkin' he was on your mind
Never knowing he
Wouldn't have a chance to say goodbye, goodbye
And he'll wish he knew the reason why


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