Stephen Malkmus Lyrics - Pencil Riot



Stephen Malkmus Lyrics

Pencil Riot

There's a villain in my head
and he's giving me a shock
shocks shocks shocks x2
Save me from me x2
His name is leather Mcwhip
And he needs to be stopped
Stopped stopped stopped x2
Fly above me,
Fly above my arm
Fly above me
Fly above me
Well I never had much of a lovely go
Go go go x2
Leave me having, having error
It's like my mind's been touched
though I never was born
Was born son x2
Please deform me x2
Let me out
of my head
in my bed, it's a ???
no more shine
with the frame
of the brain
it's a ???
It's a pencil riot

He catered to the second hand weakness
everybody had a second look to make you wanna come on
but my mind was a splinter and it never was down
I'll swing around the kids, hold my head above
and try and hold on
ya saved me, saved me

I'm here to sing a song, a song about privilege
the spikes you put on your feet
when you were crawling and dancing
to the top of the human shit pile
shit pile
Somehow you managed to hallucinate
something that was on all of our minds
all of our minds
and other people see themselves in you
and I can see them in you too-oo-ooooo
In my head, there's a bed, it's unmade
it's a ???
no more ghosts
when the ???
It's a pencil riot

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