Orgy Lyrics - Where's Gerrold




Orgy Lyrics

Where's Gerrold

You're light bright and animated 
A demolition color scheme mismatched and complicated 
Who put the hex on Mr X 
living in a bigtop dimension 
You're the stalker of the mini world 
Trapped in wonder land suspension 
Transmissions from the micronaut girl 
Where are you now 
And we'd like to think you found your own way home 
On your own 
Where's Gerrold now 
You're a visual illusion like Christmas 
a trend setter for the color blind 
A think fast solution, no way out 
Washed away with the crimson tide 
Transglobal spectacle with post mortem fame 
Popsicle canibal 
Can you hear me 
Rainbow dementia smiles everyone smiles 
The small realities a pixie playland 
Can you find yourself in bright lights flashing lights 
Cover my eyes I'm feeling sick 
I'm getting paranoid 
Find yourself 
With bright lights flashing 
Bright lights flashing I'm feeling paranoid    

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