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Al Stewart Lyrics 

The Night That The Band Got Wine

The earthquake hit at 6:19 with a jolt 
People went running for the doorway 
And for the next half minute it shook 
Up on the 17th floor the sommelier was opening the wine 
He knew the great hotel was solidly built 
Still it must have been a miracle that nothing got spilt. 
Terry O'Shea got up from the Chippendale chair 
Talking on the telephone 
Looking perplexed, waving a hand in the air 
In the great room all alone 
Fifty years old today, a microdot billionaire 
Putting on a party like a Hollywood guy 
With all the food and wine that his money could buy 
The band came in arguing as usual 
About nothing in particular 
It always seemed to be that way 
Tuning up and putting out set lists 
Of all the stupid songs musicians hate to play 
Still it could be better then usual 
The food looked great, it was money not glory 
So when the clock struck eight 
They began the theme tune from "Love Story". 
Time went by with no one arriving at all 
It was just Terry and the pictures 
Of dead people frowning from the wall, 
They didn't look very pleased 
It was completely clear nobody was coming 
They were all staying home with their earthquake kits 
Waiting for the aftershocks to hit 
The Night That the Band Got the Wine 
Thirty decanters of wine sat ready to pour 
1961 Margaux and Petrus and Chateau Latour 
Swaying in unison 
Lobster and cavier, shrimp and salmon 
They were all laid out with artistic flair 
The waiters were already eyeing their share 
Terry got up and he said "Enough" 
And told the band to stop playing that dreadful stuff 
He made them all come over to the table 
And he gave them wine they never had dreamt of 
So they worked their way through the burgundy and port 
And started to relax 
They discovered they had more in common then they thought 
And so they went back 
Over to the stand and started playing again 
But this time differently 
It got louder and louder and fairly insane 
People heard it down in the street 
It felt so good, they were smiling at eachother 
The waiters all ran out covering their ears 
There was plaster from the ceiling on the crystal chandeliers 
Terry was dancing like a madman and waving his hands 
At anything and everything 
Kicking up the dust from the carpet and doing handstands 
Cackling and yodeling 
This was a birthday bash he hadn't anticipated 
Spinning like a top in the middle of the room 
While the hotel shook to a sonic boom. 
After a while he passed out cold on the floor 
And dreamed revealing things 
Then he didn't have computers anymore, 
Or fawning underlings 
He was running through the trees on a tropical isle 
No more feeling tense 
In a flower patterned shirt of questionable style 
It all made sense 
The band went back to their homes in the Hollywood hills 
Better than they'd ever felt 
Waking up their sleep-addled wives with rambling tales 
It didn't go down very well 
But as a legacy, they called a band meeting 
And decided they were going to give up playing covers 
From that day on they got along with one another 
Terry woke up and strange as the story may seem. 
Though he felt terrible 
He found with the dawn he could still remember his dream 
So he just fell away 
Nobody's seem him since 
But I like to think of him 
Sitting on a beach like Gaugin wearing a smile 
Waiting for a brown eyed girl, she'll be there in a while 
Maybe thinking back to a long ago time 
The Night That the Band Got the Wine 
The Night That the Band Got the Wine 

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