Remember I'm the one who didn't have a lot to say 
I was trying to find the courage, but I let you walk away 
And I can't forget your face, y'know it haunts me all the time 
And it seems to me you're living in a dream

Wish we could run away, and we could be alone together 
Far away, and leave the world behind 
Runaway, what I want to say is 
You're a part of me, let me be a part of you

Want to tell you what I'm thinking, but the words get in the way 
When I'm sitting here alone I find the things I meant to say 
If I wrote them in a letter, would you read between the lines 
Would you understand how much I really care


(I) I love you 
(Need) I need you 
(You) Don't want to live without you

If I'm backward counting forward, would you help me realize 
All the answers to the questions I've been asking with my eyes 
I could hand you all the cliches, but you've heard them all before 
And I want to say I love you in my own way


And could we run away...


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