AFC Eddie  You're right, Gene.

DYA Jim1   (darn beatle record company)

AFC Eddie  The Beatles are right!

AFA Gene   Aren't they still selling the Apple MIDI
                  Interface? Sam Ash still carries 'em.

Mr Toaster What Beatles?  They broke up already!

DYA Jim1   I can't figure it out either, Gene.

AFC Eddie  Anyway, if you really want to come as close as
                  you can to MIDI implementation with the sound of
                  you can do it with SynthCreate and AudioZap.

DYA Jim1   The only thing that Apple stopped in the way of
                  music, was synthlab. They still are updating their
                  manager tools for the GS and Mac, they still sell
the MIDI
                  interface, but they're not doing slab/msynth

AFL JoyceM Jim, how difficult would it be to write a utility
                    for SS to allow MIDI input?

Mr Toaster Who seriously believes that Apple Records is
                    going to sue AppleInc?  Huh?

DYA Jim1   It's not a light undertaking..

AFC Eddie  I do.

Mr Toaster C'mon, they'd never win the'd cost 'em
                    too much money and it wouldn't be worth it in the

DYA Jim1   It entails a lot of doing..I wonder how Ian is
                  gonna implement it..

AFL JoyceM A MIDI input utility would probably take SL out
                    of the music market.  BTW, Mark Cecys still gets
                    AOL....leave him notes about upgrading the Tool35.

DYA Jim1   I heard at KFest that Mark Cecys quit the A2

AFA Gene   IMO the hardest part would be to decide how to
                  split all the MIDI keypresses into SS tracks... like
                  can hit 8 keys at once really easily.

AFL JoyceM I had heard that too about Mark...but he has been
                    working on the Mac side soon after SL was

DYA Jim1   Yeah, I believe Mark switched to Mac :(

AFA Gene   I'm not surprised, yet it's funny cuz mark was
                  originally from Ensoniq.

DYA Jim1   Yeah, I thought the same thing..  he dumped the
                  Ensoniq.   What people do to go work on the Mac side
                  The original main author of HCGS transferred over to
the Mac
                  side and then got laid off.

AFA Gene   Who knows, maybe we'll see an EPS 16+ in the next
                  Mac. :)

AFL JoyceM What is so sad about that Apple doesn't
                    care or take pride in what they release when it is

AFC Eddie  That would be unbelievable, Gene!

DYA Jim1   Jim Mensch transferred over to the Mac side right
                  in the middle of writing the Animation Toolkit.  So
                  there's anyone left

AFA Gene   Ed, there already exists such a card... the name
                  slips me at the moment, but that's basically what it

AFC Eddie  For the Mac?

AFA Gene   Yep. So who knows, Apple might just make it
                  built-in. ?

AFC Eddie  Hmmmm, how about software support for it?

AFA Gene   (Apple doesn't put out the card, btw. The people
                  in MMS seem to love it.)

Mr Toaster Hee hee hee... some friends of mine and I built a
                    digitizer for an IBM. We got everything soldered
                    all the parts in the right places...Tested it
out... It's a
                    hunk o' junk.

AFL JoyceM Eddie, what to discuss how you did the SS
                    instruments into SL?

AFL JoyceM The IBM or your board, Toaster?

Mr Toaster I think the Radio Shack guy gave us the wrong

AFC Eddie  Sure...

Mr Toaster Both!  :)  Naah, t
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