Artist: Tad Robinson 

 Soundtrack: The Guardian

       Song: Hold Tight 
            (Tad Robinson, Chris Cameron, Richie Davis)

Hurry on home,
they're saying that tonight is gonna be a cold one
I'm so glad, that you'll be here with me
until the dawn.
I've got a fire going, the music playing low, the coffee's strong.


Hold tight, all night
It's all so simple when you know that it's right.
I see the stars when you turn out the light.
and I know I'm gonna love you, for the rest of my life.

I whisper your name, as I reach for you
beside me the darkness.
We can bury all the pain.
Tonight we have a chance to make a new start.
I'm so free when I'm lost in your arms, and found in your heart.



The way you're sweet to me,
Is the way you let me see
I really belong.
Before you cam to me,
love was always wrong.
I never knew it could be so strong.

Repeat Chorus
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