As an intuitive Healer and Counselor, Katja uses the
"Fire of life" Technique, a type of energy work, which is directed
over the body to heal, energize and receive information about health,
emotions, lifestyle or any physical concerns that need to be
addressed. The client will feel relaxed and calm after the session.
Katja's purpose is to empower and enable people to make positive and
important changes in their lives. The information her clients are
given during these healing or counseling sessions are tools and
building blocks for the transitions in their lives. These sessions are
strictly confidential and are given with unconditional support and
              What is the "Fire of Life Healing Technique"? 
              It is a type of energy work originating from Ancient
Egypt and even as far back as Atlantian and Lemurian times.  It is
based on the element of Fire or Kundalini energy, which resides at the
base of our spines. Kundalini or Qi can be activated through breath
work and then directed with intention through the hands of the energy
practitioner onto and throughout the client's body.  With this
procedure Chakra's (the body's energy centers) can be cleared and
activated, healing of emotional trauma and stress will occur, past
karma and programs can be acknowledged and cleared and fears will be
              What is "Crystal Healing"?
              The use of crystals in combination with the Fire of Life
Healing technique accelerates the energy activation process and allows
for specific changes both physically and energetically to occur. The
crystals are placed on and around the body using intuitive guidance. 
              Discover new possibilities in:
                    Business, Career & Finances
                    Personal growth
                    Spiritual development
                    Healing: Explore your health situations and their
greater purpose. Receive personalized energy work, Therapeutic Touch,
Crystal Lay-outs and chakra balancing 
                            People from all walks of life benefit from
my readings. My clientele includes:
                  Health care workers
                  Unemployed & self-employed
                  Teachers and students
                  Business people
                  And more……. 
                            What to Expect From a Reading:
              An intuitive consultation is a powerful process for
personal growth. It will enable you to experience greater self
awareness and will motivate you to master your personal challenges.
              During Your Reading or Healing Session You Will:
                    Obtain a thorough, decisive interpretation of your
situation through a combination of analysis and intuition. 
                    Receive information and tools concerning past and
present circumstances as well as future trends and probabilities. 
                    Gain additional insight into patterns of your life

                    When a particular question or issue is foremost in
your life, a Tarot spread, for example, is influenced and a
professional reading will assist you to answer, resolve or be more
attuned to that particular situation. 
                    An energetic healing session and reading will help
ease any physical, emotional & etheric stress and assist in
balancing and relaxing your whole being. This will allow in clearing
and gaining further information of how your body is being affected by
any particular situation and assist in further awareness of your self.
                 Katja Ehlers 
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