The Beatles Beatles For Sale (1964)

       No Reply I'm A Loser Baby's In Black Rock And Roll Music I'll Follow The Sun Mr Moonlight Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! Eight Days A Week Words Of Love Honey Don't Every Little Thing I Don't Want To Spoil The Party What You're Doing Everybody's Trying To B
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 The Beatles 
 Day Tripper bass tablature

artist:  The Beatles/Cheap Trick 
 title:  Day Tripper
 album:  Beatles- single   Cheap Trick- Found All The Parts
tuning:  standard  E A D G

riff e                              riff a
D----------2-----4-----2----      G---------2-----4-----2
A--------2---5-2---2-5------      D-------2---5-2---2-5--
E--0-3-4-------------------       A-0-3-4-------------------

riff b



riff e twice
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